CAT Assurance - Counterfeit Avoidance Testing  Defense Suppliers has implemented a comprehensive inspection and counterfeit avoidance system for all components entering and leaving our facility. The following services are included at no additional charge with every purchase order.  Semiconductors and Microcircuits ·     Examine traceability documentation to verify device pedigree ·     Verify packaging meets ESD and moisture sensitivity levels ·     Verify labels reflect OCM characteristics, check bar code labels for accuracy ·     Inspect leads, terminals, plating for evidence of prior use or refurbishment ·     Examine device under magnification for evidence of marking alteration or remarking ·     Resistance to solvents (MIL-STD-883G, Method 2015.13) ·     External Visual- part dimensions and package type meet mfg. data sheet ·     Compare part marking and logo with known good device from part library ·     De-Lid Die Verification- Verify correct die and revision  Optional testing services upon customer request: ·     Full functionality and electrical testing at rated temperatures per mfg. data sheet ·     Solderability testing ·     Hermeticity testing – Fine and gross Leak ·     Burn in testing, Upscreening ·     Destructive Physical Analysis ( DPA ) ·     Radiography ·     (XRF) X-Ray Fluorescence or (SEM) Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis  Defense Suppliers’ commitment to quality is evidenced by our certification to the following International and Industry standards:  Adherence to IDEA-STD-1010A – Acceptability and inspection of electronic components Inspectors and Quality personnel are IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified ISO 9001-2008 Registered AS9120 Registered ANSI ESD S20.20-2007 Registered